Dry Cleaner Degreaser 14oz


Effortlessly Clean with DRY CLEANER DEGREASER 14OZ

  • Key Features: Multipurpose functionality, safe on fabrics and hard surfaces, and free from harmful solvents.
  • Versatile Cleaning Agent: Ideal for removing adhesives, spots, paint, ink, and more.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: A VOC-free solution, perfect for environmentally conscious users.

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DRY CLEANER DEGREASER 14OZ: Versatile and Safe Cleaning Solution

  • Multipurpose Solvent Cleaner: AlbaChem® Multi-Purpose DRY CLEANER DEGREASER 14OZ is a robust cleaning agent that effectively tackles various cleaning challenges, making it a must-have for diverse applications.
  • Effective on Various Materials: Excellently suited for both fabrics and hard surfaces. Particularly useful on “dry clean only” fabrics (with the exception of acetates), this cleaner is a versatile addition to any cleaning repertoire.
  • Wide Range of Uses: DRY CLEANER DEGREASER 14OZefficiently removes adhesives, spots, paint, ink, graffiti, and effectively cleans and degreases parts and machinery. It’s especially adept at removing uncured screen print ink from fabrics and printing presses.
  • Safe and Environmentally Conscious: Free from chlorinated solvents and VOCs, ensuring a safer usage experience while being mindful of environmental impact.
  • Convenient Packaging: Comes in a 14 oz. (396 grams) can, offering ample product for multiple cleaning tasks across various settings.

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