AWT All Aluminum Pro Angle 1 Scoop Coater

Elevate Screen Printing with ALL ALUMINUM PRO-ANGLE 1 SCOOP COATER

  • Key Features: Offers precise and smooth emulsion application, made with durable all-aluminum, and includes practical sizing and maintenance features.
  • Reliable and Easy to Use: Designed for easy maintenance and includes a rubber edge protector for safety and longevity.
  • Essential for Screen Printers: An indispensable tool for screen printers seeking to improve efficiency, precision, and quality in their printing projects.
AWT All Aluminum Pro Angle 1 Scoop Coater

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ALL ALUMINUM PRO-ANGLE 1 SCOOP COATER: Precision Tool for Enhanced Screen Printing

  • Precision Emulsion Application: The ALL ALUMINUM PRO-ANGLE 1 SCOOP COATER is expertly designed to provide smooth and precise emulsion coating, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your screen printing process.
  • Optimal Sizing for Best Results: To ensure the highest quality coating, select a Scoop Coater that is 1 inch larger than your liquid coating area. For example, a 10″ Scoop Coater is perfect for a 9″ coating area. The coating area should extend 2 inches beyond your print area (1 inch on each side) for optimal results.
  • Easy Maintenance for Longevity: After each use, clean the coater’s edge with a cloth dampened with warm water to maintain its performance and extend its lifespan.
  • Emulsion Protection Feature: When the all aluminum PRO-ANGLE 1 scoop coater is not in use, protect the emulsion within the coating trough using plastic or cardboard, preserving the coater’s effectiveness.
  • Rubber Edge Protector for Safety: The Scoop Coater includes a rubber edge protector to prevent damage when not in use, ensuring the safety of your fabrics and screens.
  • Upgrade Your Screen Printing Tools: With its all-aluminum construction and precise design, the PRO-ANGLE 1 SCOOP COATER is a key tool for achieving smoother coatings and more accurate screen printing results.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in