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A flow agent for plastisol ink is a type of additive that is used to improve the flow characteristics and leveling properties of the ink. Plastisol ink is a type of screen printing ink that is composed of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizer. It is commonly used for printing on textiles, such as t-shirts.
When plastisol ink is applied to a substrate, it needs to flow smoothly and evenly to create a consistent and uniform print. However, sometimes the ink may exhibit poor flow properties, resulting in uneven coverage, streaks, or an undesirable texture. This is where flow agents come into play.
A flow agent, also known as a leveling agent or flow promoter, is added to plastisol ink to enhance its flowability. It reduces the surface tension of the ink, allowing it to spread more easily and uniformly on the substrate. Flow agents also help in minimizing the formation of surface defects like pinholes and fish eyes.
Different types of flow agents are available, and their selection depends on the specific requirements of the printing job and the characteristics of the ink being used. Flow agents can be in liquid or powder form, and they are typically added in small quantities to the plastisol ink. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended dosage to avoid overusing the flow agent, which can adversely affect the ink’s performance.
Overall, flow agents play a crucial role in improving the flow properties of plastisol ink, resulting in better print quality and smoother application on textiles.

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