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Vastex – E2-5236 – Led Exposure Unit


Vastex – E2-5236 – Led Exposure Unit: Streamlining Your Screen Printing Process

Key Feature: Equipped with high-intensity UV lights and a large exposure area, suitable for a range of screen sizes.

User Benefit: Delivers uniform and precise exposure, enhancing the detail and quality of screen prints.

Specialty: Combines robust construction with a user-friendly interface, offering ease of use and durability.

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Vastex – E2-5236 – Led Exposure Unit
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Vastex – E2-5236 – Led Exposure Unit: Precision Screen Exposure for Superior Printing Quality

The Vastex Exposure Unit Assembly E2-5236 is an exceptional tool in the realm of screen printing, designed to provide precise and uniform exposure for screen frames. Its cutting-edge technology and robust build make it an indispensable asset for screen printers seeking to achieve the highest quality in their prints. This unit is tailored to cater to the demands of professional screen printing setups, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Key Features:

  • High-Intensity UV Lights: Guarantees even and thorough exposure, crucial for detailed and crisp screen designs.
  • Large Exposure Area: Accommodates screens up to 52″ x 36″, ideal for various project sizes.
  • Digital Timer Control: Ensures precise exposure times for consistent results.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to endure the rigors of continuous use in a busy printing environment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies operation, making it accessible for printers of all skill levels.

The Vastex – E2-5236 – Led Exposure Unit revolutionizes the screen printing process, providing unparalleled precision in screen exposure. Whether you are working on intricate artistic designs or large-scale commercial projects, this unit ensures that every screen is perfectly exposed, leading to flawless prints. With its blend of advanced technology and ease of use, it is a valuable addition to any screen printing studio looking to elevate the quality and efficiency of their work.