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ULTRA allows for:

  • A much wider application window
  • Little to no crystallization when heat pressing
  • Faster gelling of white inks on higher speed printers.
  • No mixing required – Ready To Use right out of the bottle.
  • Works with Epson®, Dupont® and modified Dupont® white ink sets.
  • Ready To Use Formulation – Do not mix down.

Image Armor PLATINUM is an all new formulation that is showing increased vibrancy across the board on a wide range of garment colors; which is paramount in producing a brighter and more impressive white ink deposit.

Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula is designed for use on White or LIGHT colored garments (100% cotton to 100% polyester fabrics) with color only prints (CMYK only) or with a white under base plus CMYK prints.

  • Works with Epson®, Brother®, Dupont® white ink sets
  • For white and light colors 100% cotton, 50/50, and 100% polyester fabrics
  • No stain formula on 100% cotton
  • Increases image detail, vibrancy, and wash durability.
  • Ready To Use Formulation – Do not mix down.

Image Armor DARK Shirt Formula was created with the idea of making pretreating as easy as possible. Image Armor DARK allows for the following characteristics.

  • Improved Ease of Application
  • Application window much wider reducing washout issues
  • Little to no crystallization of pretreatment when cured
  • Reduced pretreatment “box” after heat setting
  • Better, more vibrant colors and wash durability
  • Ready To Use Formulation – Do Not Mix Down.

Image Armor CLEANING SOLUTION (Part IAC001 / IAC005) is designed for use with any pretreatment machine to facilitate better cleaning and maintenance of the pretreating equipment. The CLEANING SOLUTION is formulated to help break down and clean internal components in the pretreatment equipment.

Proper use would be to flush the entire system with the CLEANING SOLUTION and then flush completely with water. Ensure no residue of CLEANING SOLUTION remains in the system as it will contaminate and pretreatment solution and potentially cause poor quality prints from contaminated pretreatment solutions.

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