Roland Metaza MPX-90


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Roland Metaza MPX-90
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The MPX-90 Impact Printer

When it comes to printers by Roland, the Metaza MPX-90 is the most groundbreaking of them all when it comes to features, design and power. This model is matchless in its capacity to print on harder materials in comparison to previous models. It is also 21 percent faster than its predecessor.

The MPX-90 will not only benefit kiosk, jewellery and gift markets, it also meets the needs of industrial marking applications. For instance, producing serial number plates and data plates is now possible. Medical and industrial tool identification and marking can also be accomplished with Roland’s MPX-90.

Personalize Gifts and Accessories

Retailers and other businesses that design products with a personalized touch will also benefit from the Metaza printer. Some product examples include pendants, Zippo lighters, key chains, and dog tags. The MPX-90 takes personalization one notch higher with the customization of curved objects such as pens, money clips, and cuff links.

Cost-Effective Industrial Marking

Cost-effectiveness is perhaps what makes the MPX-90 stand out in the impact printer market. With force three times stronger than the previous MPX model, the MPX-90 allows you to imprint text and graphics on hard surfaces. These include non-plated and unpolished materials. Every item in a series can also be provided with unique identification numbers due to the variable data printing capabilities offered by the Metaza MPX-90.

Four Print Modes

Depending on what your impact printing needs are, there are four different modes to choose from on the Metaza. These include:

  • Text mode – 265 dpi output
  • Photo mode – 353 dpi
  • High resolution mode – 529 dpi
  • Vector mode – 1058 dpi (for bold filled lettering or delicate script)

Compact and Quiet

With its low noise level and compact structure, the Roland Metaza is able to imprint text, graphics and photographic images cleanly and seamlessly in any retail environment.

Some features of the Metaza include automatic surface detection, user-replaceable print cartridge, USB connectivity, and a center vise. Programs included are MetazaStudio, Dr. Engrave software, MPX-90 Head Manager, SFEdit 2, and a Windows driver. You can also use the Metaza MPX 90 alongside Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDRAW.

  • Precision diamond-tipped stylus designed especially for gradational photo images, text and illustrations
  • Precise and clear imprints on a vast array of materials such as gold, acrylic, silver, nickel, copper, titanium, platinum, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, brass, etc.
  • Spacious 80 mm x 80 mm work area
  • Center vice serves as secure holding items for pens and other non-flat items
  • Daily maintenance not necessary
  • Debris, odour and hassle free operation
  • User friendly software included
  • METAZAStudio design software
  • Dr. Engrave software

With these impressive features, you can trust that the revolutionary Metaza impact printer will produce nothing less than outstanding results. Because of the printer’s high speed and precision, the graphics and fonts are going to pop like you have never seen before. The Metaza MPX-90 also allows you to imprint on items of virtually any length so long as the cover of the machine is open.

Brand Reliability

Roland holds numerous international ISO certifications. Hence, you are guaranteed top of the line products and customer service. Roland ensures that every product is dependable, high-performing, and backed up by world-class customer service.

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