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The Total Ink Solution Sahara Tunnel™ Conveyor Dryer. In a high-quality production screen printing shop, having a consistent and powerful conveyor dryer is just as important as your press. The ultimate in efficient and reliable curing, the Total Ink Solution Sahara Tunnel™ Conveyor Dryer features an array of customizations to optimize this dryer for your specific shop needs. Take full advantage of your 38 inch to 71 inch wide belt option with powerful water based and plastisol curing optimization, or make this dryer work double by adding a split-belt with variable widths, and independent speed/direction controls. Customize your Total Ink Solution Tunnel™ Conveyor Dryer to run on natural gas, propane, or electricity for the most economical choice and save over 50%* in monthly utility costs. Easy to maintain, incredibly reliable and quiet, the Total Ink Solution Sahara Tunnel™ Conveyor Dryer is the hardest working piece of equipment you’ll find in any shop.

  • Drying Area (max): 346″ x 71″
  • Heat Power Electrical/Gas (min): 22.5/52
  • Module Length (max): 14’8″
  • Length’s Entry/Exit Opening (max): 4.92′
  • Total Height (min): 5.48′
  • Total Width (min): 4.59′
  • Belt’s Width (min): 2.95′
  • Standby feature – Lowers temp and slows down belt so that you can take a break and not have to wait for the dryer to reach full heat.
  • Additional options – cooling fans on out-feed.
  • Lights on out-feed to inspect garment.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in