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Ever had the problem of your stencils or sketches looking great but the rough, drawn-over edges ruin their look? Or perhaps left with a sticky residue on your creations or screens that you so carefully designed? Have no more doubts! Our Screen Tape is here to fix your worries.

For those who are unfamiliar with screen tape, it is mainly used to prevent ink from transferring to the shirt or fabric between the edges of your frame and emulsion as it wraps the open mesh with a protective seal. With our brand-new Screen Tape, you won’t have to suffer through other screen tapes that are flexible but hard to remove, which commonly presents itself as a problem to users. Spending grueling moments trying to peel the tape off from the edges of your border is a pain that many are all too familiar with, and our Screen Tape prevents such headaches. Now when you tear off the Screen Tape after you are done stenciling or inking, the entire tape piece comes off easily instead of leaving a ragged mess on your screen edges or product sheet. Other screen tapes might stick itself completely to the edges and are only removable through sharp blades or anti-adhesives, which could damage your design. We are happy to announce that is not the case with our Screen Tape.

That being said, the ease of removal is not a trade off with flexibility. Our product is also quite stretchy and malleable. Screen Tape can efficiently and effortlessly wrap around protrusions and difficult edges, bonding your desired pieces together with its adhesive. In addition, our Screen Tape can also be torn off readily by hand or with the tape dispenser without need for a blade or scissors. When applied to the screen, it creates a strong watertight seal so that you can even wash the screen if needed without worrying about ruining your creation.

Coming in a one hundred yard roll, it offers you a far greater length than most if not all that you’ll see on the market. This means that our Screen Tape would provide plenty of material for you to use for all your screen printing needs, and for a reasonable price.

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