BROWN ULTRA SIERRA X DRYER SERIES2 (Floor Model Available) $11,345.00 $9,999.99

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Ultrasierra X Series (Floor Model Available)

Time Tested, Production Proven

The UltraSierra conveyor dryer has been the front runner in quality and reliability for decades. You can count on accurate oven temperature control along with many other convenient operating features to ensure perfect curing on a wide variety of materials from silk to canvas. UltraSierra t-shirt ovens are easy to understand, efficient to operate, totally reliable and a pleasure to own.

Using solid state controls, the USX Series and hold chamber temperatures ±7°F at belt level. This provides accurate and reliable curing for all garments. Features on the control panel such as heater indicator light, digital belt speeds calibrated to actual time-in-chamber, and quick control to input and exhaust fans, gives operators full knowledge of oven settings and status. The X-Series features provide exhaust structure within the heat chamber and an exit cooling system to reduce the temperature of the garments. This process keep the heat in the chamber and makes the finished product easier to handle and package.

  • Solid state digital temperature monitor system stabilizes oven temperatures at belt level of ±7 degrees.
  • Digital belt speed control that tracks the time in the chamber.
  • Reversible belt direction.
  • The heating rack is adjustable in seconds from 3” to 8” above the belt. Angles for curing hats.
  • Forced air and powered exhaust are equipped with digital controls.
  • Extended exhaust fan chamber pulls fumes from the garment and keeps the heat in the oven.
  • Calrod heating panels have a 3 year replacement warranty.
  • Heater panel operating lights.
  • PTFE coated fiberglass belt.
  • 4” heavy duty crowned conveyor rollers.
  • Insulated double wall sides.
  • Custom sizes and features available.
  • Forced Air: 500
  • Exhaust Size: 10″
  • US2X3609 – 36″

    • Belt Width: 36″
    • Belt Length: 9″
    • Chamber Length: 55″
    • Infeed Length: 28″
    • Outfeed Length: 18″
    • Heater Count: 3
    • Dimensions: 42″ X 112″ X 55″
    • Power Requirement: 240V, 44A

    US2X4811 – 48″

    • Belt Width: 48″
    • Belt Length: 11″
    • Chamber Length: 78″
    • Infeed Length: 28″
    • Outfeed Length: 22″
    • Heater Count: 4
    • Dimensions: 54″ X 140″ X 55″
    • Power Requirement: 240V, 76A

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