Winged Aquafloods 16 Inch Bulk 10 Pack


Maximize Efficiency in Water-Based Ink Printing with Winged AquaFloods 16 INCH Bulk 10 Pack

  • Key Feature: Tailored for water-based inks, these winged flood bars maintain a consistent ink thickness and prevent drying and clogging on the screen.
  • Easy Transition: Seamlessly switch between ink types without the hassle of constant adjustments.
  • Bulk Pack: A convenient pack of 10 bars, ensuring you’re always equipped for large-scale or frequent printing jobs.
Winged AquaFloods 16 INCH Bulk 10 Pack
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Winged AquaFloods 16 INCH Bulk 10 Pack for Water-Based Ink Printing

Elevate your garment decorating with the innovative Winged AquaFloods 16″, a bulk pack of 10 specialized flood bars, meticulously engineered for printing with water-based inks. This unique tool is designed to revolutionize the way you handle water-based ink printing, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

  • Optimized for Water-Based Inks: The winged aquafloods 16 inch bulk 10 pack are crafted to provide a thick ink deposit crucial for water-based inks. This feature ensures that your ink remains fluid and doesn’t dry out on the screen, which is a common issue with thicker inks like base white.
  • Special Winged Design: The innovative winged structure of these flood bars maintains ink within the frame boundaries, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments. This design ensures a consistent and even ink deposit across your prints.
  • Time-Saving Adjustability: These flood bars are designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of adjusting bar height when switching between ink types. The AquaFloods maintain optimal contact with the mesh, allowing for easy transition between different ink viscosities.
  • Bulk Pack Convenience: The 10 pack bundle offers convenience and ensures you always have a winged flood bar on hand, ready for any large-scale or frequent printing tasks.
  • Research-Driven Design: Developed with insights from Virus Inks’ research and development department, these flood bars are tailored to support three different ink thicknesses, optimizing your printing process based on the ink used.

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