Plastisol Ink 3D High Density Base

Plastisol Ink 3D High Density Base

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Introducing the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base by Total Ink Solutions! This cutting-edge product revolutionizes the world of screen printing, allowing you to add dimension and depth to your designs like never before.

Designed with precision and quality in mind, the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base is a premium ink that raises the bar for creativity and versatility. Crafted using advanced plastisol technology, this base provides a thick, raised texture that adds an eye-catching tactile element to your prints.

Whether you’re creating logos, lettering, or intricate designs, the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base offers exceptional resolution and fine detail reproduction. Its high viscosity ensures that the ink stays in place, allowing you to achieve precise and accurate results every time.

This innovative product is incredibly easy to work with, providing excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including cotton, polyester, and blends. Its superior opacity ensures vibrant and vivid colors, even on dark fabrics, making it ideal for a variety of applications, such as apparel, promotional items, and accessories.

Not only does the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base deliver outstanding visual impact, but it also boasts excellent durability. The prints created using this base exhibit superb wash fastness and resistance to cracking, ensuring that your designs maintain their original allure even after multiple washes.

When it comes to application, the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base offers flexibility. It can be easily applied using traditional screen printing methods, such as manual or automatic presses. Furthermore, it can be used as an underbase for other inks or as a standalone feature, giving you endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity.

Choose the Total Ink Solutions 3D High-Density Plastisol Base and unlock a new dimension in your screen printing projects. Elevate your designs with remarkable texture, exceptional detail, and vibrant colors that captivate and inspire. Experience the next level of print innovation with the 3D High-Density Plastisol Base today

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