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Who is Total Ink Solutions?

Although Total Ink Solutions was founded in 2011 our screen printing/manufacturing roots go all the way back to the year 2000.  Founder Luis Uribe came from a background of logistics, supply chain and manufacturing before coming across a little ink factory in Hackensack New Jersey called CRS International.


At the time that factory solely manufactured screen-printing ink until Lou saw a gaping hole in the local screen-printing industry.  There was no all in one solution for the small or large screen-printing shop to pick up everything they needed for emergency jobs on short notice, or any jobs in general with many of them opting to get their supplies between up to 5 or more different vendors

Lou knew this injustice had to end and to better serve the screen-printing community, using his 30 years in manufacturing and supply chain Total Ink Solutions, the world’s first “Everything Screen Printing Store” was born.


Over the past 7 years Total Ink Solutions has established relationships with every major brand in the screen-printing industry.  Along with developing the highest-end screen printing ink in the world. 

Total Ink now sits on the shelf in screen printing shops all over the world and our name has become synonymous with quality, reliability and an undying commitment to perfect customer service.


Our customers come first at Total Ink Solutions.  Since your success determines our future, personalized service and attention to detail are the capstones of our business.  Our goal every day is to make sure customers who walk in, whether to browse our physical location or visit our online superstore, walk out with the peace of mind that all of their screen-printing needs are filled.


If you ever have any questions, feel free to submit a question on the site, or call the store any time at the number listed. 


We look forward to serving you.


Vision Statement
We [Total Ink Solutions] strive to become not only the industry leader and #1 in sales of screen printing inks and supplies, but also a place that our competitors respect and look up to.
Mission Statement
Founded under new Management in 2011, Total Ink Solutions is a destination for premium screen printing inks and a complete line of screen printing supplies that are both reliable and consistent when you need them most. We leverage our relationships with trusted suppliers so there are no limits to what you can create for your customers. We exist to revolutionize the screen printing industry by growing our network through our passion for service and precision.
Company Culture & Philosophy

Our clients are our #1 focus and their success determines our future.

Personal service and attention to detail are our way of business, and we will ensure that each of our customers leaves satisfied each and every time with quality products.

Our team at Total Ink Solutions also strives and prides ourselves in providing a safe, clean and comfortable work environment for all of our employees.

Our goal is to manufacture screen printing inks and supplies at a consistent level of high standards. We will maintain our equipment, purchase new items when needed and perform regular inspections to maintain our top quality levels. We strive to increase our business with future orders without compromise to our customers or employee’s needs.