AlbaChem Citrus Screen Opener 1634 – 15 Oz


Efficiently Clear Screens with CITRUS SCREEN OPENER 1634

  • Key Features: Instantly unclogs screens, pleasant citrus aroma, and effective on various inks.
  • Safe and Versatile: Suitable for photographic stencils and hand-cut films, and cleans printing presses.
  • Rapid and Clean: Fast-acting and leaves no residue, ideal for quick and clean screen maintenance.

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CITRUS SCREEN OPENER 1634 – 15 OZ: Quick Solution for Clogged Screens

  • Instant Screen Unclogging: Designed to instantly open clogged screens while still on the press, this Citrus Screen Opener makes screen maintenance quick and efficient.
  • Pleasant Citrus Aroma: Unlike many chemical cleaners, it features a pleasant citrus smell, enhancing the working environment.
  • Versatile Ink Dissolver: Effectively dissolves most types of inks, whether they are fresh or old, making it a versatile tool for screen printers.
  • Ideal for Spot Cleaning: Its formulation is excellent for spot clean-ups, especially in hard-to-reach corners of screens.
  • Safe for Various Screens: CITRUS SCREEN OPENER 1634 – 15 OZ is suitable for use on photographic stencils or water-soluble hand-cut films, ensuring compatibility with a range of screen types.
  • Additional Cleaning Uses: Also effective in cleaning ink, dirt, and oil from printing presses, adding to its versatility.
  • Emulsion Safe: The CITRUS SCREEN OPENER 1634 – 15 OZ formula is safe for emulsions, ensuring it doesn’t damage the screen’s sensitive materials.
  • No Residue Left Behind: Leaves no film, ensuring screens remain clean and clear after use.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Works quickly, saving time and enhancing productivity in fast-paced printing environments.

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