AlbaChem® Premium Flash Mist Spray Adhesive 1786


Maximize Printing Efficiency with PREMIUM FLASH MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE

  • Key Features: High-temperature stability, long-lasting tack, and unique mist spray pattern.
  • No Residue, No Transfer: Designed to resist gummy residues and prevent transfer for cleaner results.
  • Versatile Options: Available in standard and California-compliant formulas to meet diverse printing needs.

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PREMIUM FLASH MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1786 13OZ: Optimal Adhesion for High-Temperature Printing

  • Stable at High Temperatures: AlbaChem PREMIUM FLASH MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1786 13OZ is specifically designed to maintain its effectiveness at high temperatures, making it ideal for demanding printing processes.
  • Efficient and Long-Lasting Tack: Exhibits excellent cold tack and superior hot tack, which is further activated and strengthened by heat flash. This unique feature allows for less frequent re-application, saving time and resources.
  • Mist Spray Activation: The innovative mist spray pattern is activated by heat flash, increasing the tack with each flash. This characteristic is especially beneficial for automatic presses with multiple flashes.
  • No Gummy Residue: PREMIUM FLASH MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1786 13OZ engineered to not become gummy or transfer after flashing, ensuring clean and precise printing results.
  • Large Capacity for Extended Use: Comes in a 13 oz. (368 grams) the PREMIUM FLASH MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1786 13OZ can, providing ample product for multiple applications.
  • Two Formulas for Versatility: Available in two versions, 1786 Standard Formula and 1786 (CARB) item# 1786c, catering to different regional requirements, including specific formulations for use in California.

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