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BBC® Air Flash Dryer


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The BBC® Air Flash Dryer combines infrared and pass-through air drying technology, making it perfect for flashing or curing water-based or plastisol inks. Featuring forced air, it keeps T-shirts cooler to prevent scorching and offers built-in solid-state heat control for precise settings.

Long Description: The BBC® Air Flash Dryer is a versatile solution designed for flashing or curing water-based or plastisol inks, offering a combination of infrared and pass-through air drying technology. Manufactured by BBC Industries, Inc., this powerful dryer provides efficient and reliable performance for screen printing applications.

Key Features:

  1. Combined Infrared and Air Drying: The Air Flash Dryer utilizes a combination of infrared and pass-through air drying technology to ensure thorough and efficient flashing or curing of inks. This dual drying approach enhances productivity and ensures optimal results for various printing needs.
  2. Forced Air: Equipped with forced air capability, this dryer pushes away moisture emitted by the ink, preventing it from absorbing heat and reducing the risk of scorching. The evenly spaced holes across the infrared heater face create a level spread of air, ensuring uniform drying across the substrate.
  3. Temperature Control: The built-in solid-state heat control allows users to adjust the dryer’s temperature settings from 0-100%, providing precise control over the drying process. This feature ensures consistent and reliable performance, regardless of the printing requirements.
  4. Magnetic Handle: The Air Flash Dryer comes with a magnetic handle that can be placed anywhere on the dryer when operating it manually. This convenient feature enhances usability and accessibility during operation, allowing for easy adjustments and control.
  5. Compatibility Options: The Air Flash Dryer can be purchased with the Flash-A-Matic™ system or separately, providing flexibility and compatibility with different printing setups and configurations.

Experience the versatility and efficiency of the BBC® Air Flash Dryer, the ultimate solution for flashing or curing water-based or plastisol inks. Whether you’re working on small-scale projects or high-volume productions, trust in the Air Flash Dryer to deliver consistent and reliable results, every time.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in