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Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive


Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive: Essential for Screen Printing Precision

Key Feature: 14 oz. repositionable adhesive spray designed for securing fabrics during screen printing. User Benefit: Ensures garment stability during printing and is effective under high-temperature conditions, enhancing print quality. Specialty: Heat-resistant and activated, making it an excellent choice for flash-curing and high-heat platen applications.

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Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive: Your Reliable Partner for Screen Printing

Camie 375 Flash Cure Spray Adhesive is an innovative solution designed for screen printing professionals. This repositionable adhesive is perfect for securing screen printable fabrics to the platen, ensuring precision and quality in every print.


  • 14 oz. Can: Ideal for frequent use in professional screen printing setups.

Feature Benefits:

  • Stable Adhesion: Prevents garments from moving during screen lifting post-printing, essential for multi-color designs.
  • Heat-Resistant: Remains effective even under high-temperature conditions common in screen printing.
  • Heat-Activated: Optimized to work flawlessly with flash-cure processes and high-heat applications on platens.

Special Instructions:

  • Vital for Multi-Color Prints: An absolute necessity for multi-color designs to maintain registration and quality.
  • Useful for Single-Color Imprints: Helpful for re-application of the squeegee for better coverage.
  • Alternative to Liquid Glue: Ideal for extensive flash-curing or high-heat platen applications, offering a more efficient solution than traditional liquid glues.

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