DTF Desktop Dryer 0D68


  • DTF DESKTOP DRYER OD68: High-End, Multifunctional DTF Curing Solution
    • Advanced Curing Oven: A 60cm DTF curing oven specifically designed for drying PET film and suitable for 30cm DTF film. It represents the latest in DTF curing technology.
    • Precision Engineering: Second-generation design with a more scientific structure ensures accurate temperature control and efficient full-width drying, eliminating dead corners.
    • Optimal Fusion Effect: Guarantees perfect curing and fusion, significantly enhancing the quality and durability of fabric transfers.
    • Enhanced Functionality: Features a convenient timing function with an automatic sound and light alarm for completion, a lock catch, and a sealing strip for safety.
    • Superior Heat Management: Exceptional heat preservation and rapid temperature rise with up to 6 heating tubes, ensuring thorough melting and curing across the full width.
    • Quality Enhancement: Improves the firmness and vibrancy of images transferred to fabrics.
    • Power Efficiency: Operates on 220v electric power, making it a versatile addition to professional DTF setups.

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Introducing the DTF Desktop Dryer 0D68, a cutting-edge curing solution designed specifically for DTF film. This advanced dryer is tailored to efficiently dry and cure 60cm DTF (Direct-to-Film) PET film, making it the perfect choice for 30cm DTF film applications.

Key Features That Set It Apart:

  1. High-End Multifunctional Design: The Total Ink DTF Oven sets the standard in DTF curing technology. Its second-generation design ensures precise temperature control and full-width drying, leaving no dead corners.
  2. Optimal Curing Fusion Effect: Experience flawless curing fusion that enhances the quality and durability of fabric transfers, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.
  3. Advanced Functionality: Enjoy the convenience of a timing function with automatic sound and light alarms, providing precision and ease in the curing process.
  4. Safety and Efficiency: Your safety is a priority. The DTF Desktop Dryer 0D68 is equipped with a lock catch and sealing strip for added security, while excellent heat preservation ensures energy efficiency.
  5. Rapid Temperature Rise: With up to 6 heating tubes, this dryer ensures a quick and even temperature rise across the full width, ensuring every corner of the DTF film is melted.
  6. Improved Transfer Quality: Enhance the firmness and quality of images transferred to fabric, resulting in vivid and enduring prints that stand the test of time.
  7. Power Specification: Operating on 220v electric power, this dryer is versatile and suitable for various printing environments.

Elevate your DTF printing capabilities with the DTF Desktop Dryer 0D68. It’s the ultimate curing solution for achieving exceptional results in the world of DTF film printing. Upgrade your equipment and experience the difference today.

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Weight 77 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 16 in