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SEF America Flextape is the perfect product for lifting printed logos off the liner ready for transfer onto fabric.

Flextape’s pressure sensitive adhesive is designed to be strong enough to lift the printed film off the liner but can then be removed easily after heat pressing onto the fabric.

IMPORTANT – solvent printed films should be left to outgass for up to 24 hours before application of transfer film.

  • High tack heat transfer tape for both polyurethane and vinyl films recommended for use with smaller graphics
  • Removes easily without any adhesive residue. For best results peel warm
  • Designed specifically for use for use with flexprint tatoo

SEF’s flextape plus is a polyester (PET) transfer tape, with a liner/carrier, designed to transfer print and cut heat transfer material to textiles. FlexTape’s special formulated adhesive is designed to remove printed graphics from its carrier and then at high temperatures, using a heat press, aid in the transfer of the printed graphic to the textile.

FlexTape Plus Advantages:

  • The polyester (PET) FlexTape Plus and adhesive with stands heat pressing cycles as longas60seconds up to 400°F (166°C). Testing required when exceeding 400F.
  • Protects the surface of printed heat transfer during the heat pressing process as well as during storage and transportation of the graphic.
  • Keeps multi-component graphics together during the transfer and pressing process.
  • Because of the sticky adhesive, FlexTape plus minimizes the risk of the graphic moving after positioning on the textile before and during the heat pressing process.
  • The exceptional clarity aids in alignment of graphics when doing multi heat transfer overlays.
  • FlexTape plus removes easily without any adhesive residue after the heat pressing process. Always refer to the printable film manufacturer’s recommendation for FlexTape’s removal, i.e. Hot, Warm or Cold Peel.


FlexTape Plus transfer tapes work well with all brands and types of printable heat activated media, not just polyurethane films. Test prior to full production.

Shelf Life:

FlexTape Plus has extended shelf-life when stored, up to and may exceed 2 years, in temperatures at or below 80F and not exposed to direct sun for extended periods of time.

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