Katie Pinerite One 3.5Oz Jar Head To Toe Cleanser


Elevate your hand-cleaning routine with the Pinerite Hand Soap Dispenser. Crafted with stainless steel for durability and featuring a 32-ounce capacity, this wall-mounted dispenser combines efficiency and style, ensuring easy refills and precise soap dispensing with a touch of sophistication.”

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Katie Pinerite One 3.5Oz Jar Head To Toe Cleanser $16.99

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One 3.5 ounce Jar of Katie Pinerite

Experience the unique cleansing power of Katie Pinerite Head to Toe Pine Powder Cleanser. Formulated with the same potent cleaning ability as regular Pinerite, this powder cleanser boasts a luxurious skin softener and finer soap base. Crafted through our patented process, which transforms pine branches into a superior cleansing powder, Katie Pinerite is gentle on the skin while effectively removing tough dirt. Each jar includes a convenient single-measured scoop, and with no added fillers or fragrances, it’s an eco-friendly choice. Made in Colorado, Katie Pinerite offers a refreshing and natural approach to head-to-toe cleansing.”.

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