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Achieve stunning prints on your zipper hoodies and pullover hoodies with our specially-engineered Kornit Style Hoodie Combo Pallets!

If you’ve ever tried printing zipper hoodies with a simple Kornit Standard Hold Down Pallet, you’ve probably learned very quickly why not to! Because the zippers often stick up off of the pallet, either your machine’s head gets clogged, or worse, it comes into contact with your garment disabling it. This can cost tons of money to repair (not to mention lost time from not printing).

An easily removable insert allows you to use this pallet either for zipper hoodies or for pullover hoodies. When inserted, the precision machined insert results in a flush printing surface for pullover hoodies.

Our Kornit Style Zipper Hoodie Pallets are available for use on either Kornit’s pedestal or our AE Kornit Retrofit Pedestal. The benefits of using our pedestal and the corresponding pallets are as follows:

  • Pallets that are compatible with the AE Kornit Retrofit Pedestal are significantly cheaper.
  • Much quicker turn-around times.
  • Far lighter than the alternative.
  • Extremely durable – withstands the test of time.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in