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Manual Bracket Adapters are small 3″ wide mechanisms designed to tighten your pallet to the arm of your manual press. This method has been used for manual machines like Workhorse Manual and Riley Hopkins style screen printing presses. Manual bracket adapters and shim plates come separate with every manual machine order and takes a only a few minutes to mount to the arm of your press.

Designed to fit arms with dimensions of 1.5 x 2.5.

How to Install your Manual Bracket Adapters & Shim Plates:

1. Locate the plastic baggie in your package. It will contain two aluminum squares (shims) and 2 manual bracket adapters per pallet. To set up one pallet, experiment with placement inside the bracket for the aluminum shim plates for the best fit. Once decided, peel the yellow backing from one of the aluminum squares and press them into the bottom side of the bracket. You will want to space both of the squares apart from each other.

* If you also want to use the pallets on an M&R automatic screen printing machine, do not peel off the backing/activate the adhesive on the shim plates. You will be to use your pallets without the MBA’s and shim plates on your automatic machine.

2. Once your aluminum squares are in place, put the pallet onto the arm of your machine. Take the Manual Bracket Adapters and hook/slide it on the underside of your arm. This will bring the pallet and arm together. Tighten the black knob to secure. Repeat this step with the second Manual Bracket Adapter. You are now ready to use your pallets.

Tips for Success:

– You may have to loosen the knobs of your MBA’s first before sliding them onto your bracket.

– If you want a semi-permanent solution, check out our MBAV2

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