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omniDTF Mini Printer


Introducing the OmniDTF Mini Printer, the perfect entry-level solution for businesses aiming to produce professional-grade transfers with ease. Capable of generating up to 27 12-inch transfers per hour, this compact tabletop printer offers high-quality prints with dual printheads for enhanced efficiency. It combines a high print resolution and fast printing speed with versatile media support, ensuring sharp, vibrant, and detailed images on both cold peel and hot peel rolls. The OmniDTF Mini is designed for simplicity and cost-effectiveness, featuring an easy-to-use interface, compatibility with various design software, and a bulk ink system to reduce costs. Achieve exceptional print results with its integrated white ink circulation and easy peel transfers, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to impress customers without a hefty investment.

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OmniDTF Mini Printer
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The OmniDTF Mini Printer is a game-changer for small businesses and startups looking to venture into the world of professional-grade transfer printing without the need for a significant upfront investment. This entry-level printer bridges the gap between affordability and quality, offering an impressive output of up to 27 12-inch transfers per hour. Its dual printheads enhance the printing process, ensuring that each transfer is produced with the utmost efficiency and quality.

Designed with a compact footprint, the OmniDTF Mini fits seamlessly into any workspace, whether it’s a small home office or a bustling studio. Despite its size, it does not compromise on performance. The printer boasts a high print resolution, enabling it to produce sharp, detailed images that truly stand out. Coupled with a fast printing speed, it guarantees efficient production without sacrificing the quality of the final product.

Versatility is at the core of the OmniDTF Mini, with support for a wide range of media, including both cold peel and hot peel rolls. This feature allows users to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences, producing transfers that are not only high in quality but also versatile in application.

Color accuracy is paramount in transfer printing, and the OmniDTF Mini excels in this area. It ensures vibrant prints with accurate color reproduction, bringing your designs to life with stunning clarity and depth. The printer’s user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Furthermore, its compatibility with various design software enhances creative flexibility, allowing for the production of unique and customized transfers.

Cost efficiency is a significant advantage of the OmniDTF Mini. Its bulk ink system reduces ongoing expenses, making high-quality transfer printing more accessible and sustainable for small businesses. The integrated white ink circulation system maintains the quality and consistency of prints, while the commercial-grade printheads ensure reliability and longevity.

Ease of use extends to the post-printing process, with the printer producing transfers that are easy to peel, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application. The OmniDTF Mini Printer is not just a tool; it’s a complete solution for businesses looking to wow their customers with professional-grade transfers, providing an ideal balance between performance, quality, and affordability.

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