Opti-912 Fast Thinner


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Ideal for most flexible vinyl stocks

Exceptional Adhesion onto most Hard PVC and pressure sensitive vinyls

Very Mild Odor-No Aggressive Solvent

Exterior Durability (Long Lasting Protection)

In compliance with California Prop. 65 and RoHs


Most Vinyl Substrates, Rigid PVC. Pressure-Sensitive Decals,

Coated Polyester (Mylar®).


Certain Vinyl Plastic Coatings Moldings, Castings, and Extrusions may contain (incompatible materials with 40000 ink.

DESCRIPTION: 40000 screen ink is formulated for a wide variety of High Plasticized Vinyl Substrates.

40000 has excellent print quality with high opacity.

Note: Pre-test on actual substrate before any full production run.

FINISH: Gloss finish.

COLORS: Available in opaque and transparent colors.

COVERAGE: Approximately 1000 square feet (101 m2) per gallon through mesh count 250 (100T European) monofilament polyester.

SCREEN FABRIC: Mesh counts 230- 280 (92T-112T/cm European) monofilament polyester.


Dual-sensitized direct method photo emulsion (OPTIMA EM-500) or SBQ pre-sensitized photo emulsion or equivalent.

Also, any solvent-resistant film or photo emulsion.

DRYING: By solvent evaporation.

Airdry: in approximately 20-30 min.

Jetdry: in 40 to 60 seconds at 150° to 180°F (37°C to 83°C).


To extend color and/or reduce pigmentation, add 40928 Match Base. For printing fine details, add 40PC850 Halftone Base.

To improve ink flow, add 1/2%-1% (by weight) FA-011 Flow Agent

For best printing results, 40000 should be reduced 5-10% (by weight) with T-182 or T-920 or T975

To prevent ink drying under hot & humid conditions, add 3-5% (by weight) T-922 or T-934B (use sparingly).


Modifier Proportion

T-182 or T-920 or T-975 5-10%

T-922 or T 934B 3-5%

FA-011 1/2 to 1%

(All mixing proportions by weight)


T-902 or T-911 or T925 Wash-up

SC-500 Bio. Wash-up

SC-510 Instant Bio. Wash-up



1-quart (0.945 Liter),

1-gallon (3.78 Liter), containers.

SAFETY & HANDLING: Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete information.

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