Roland LEF2-300 VersaUV Flatbed UV Printer


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Featuring a 30” print width, four print heads and two UV-LED lamps for higher-volume product customization, the VersaUV LEF2-300 flatbed printer enables direct printing onto accessories, giftware, ceramics, and countless other products producing stunning color, realistic textures and stylish embossed effects.

As Roland’s largest, fastest and most feature-packed LEF technology to-date, it offers brand new production ease and efficiency.

Feel the Color with Gloss ECO-UV Ink

Print onto higher volumes of items and add gloss/matte finishes, realistic textures, or 3D embossed effects to add a whole new dimension of “touch and color.” Develop your own special finishes or choose from seventy-two, ready-to-use texture patterns in our Roland Texture System Library.

State-of-the-Art Ink Printing

Print graphics with smooth color and exceptional detail on a virtually limitless range of merchandise, materials and products.

  • CMYK, White and Gloss ECO-UV (EUV4) inks offer stunning results.
  • ECO-UV (EUV4) inks are engineered for use on all applications you don’t need to purchase multiple ink sets for different media use.
  • Create colors that pop on dark or clear substrates with White ink that acts as a spot color.
  • Optional Primer ink enables you to prep the surface of materials like acrylic and plastic for full-color customization.*
  • An Automated Ink Circulation System stops ink pigments from settling in the ink lines for even consistency.
  • Mist Filters catch the surplus ink that mists off the edges of your media to avoid overspray and keep ink from falling on internal components.

* For optimum primer results, it’s highly recommended that users test for adhesion to media items before final production

UV Customization with More Ease and Efficiency

The simple-to-operate LEF2-300 is fully-loaded with advanced new machine features. Completely enclosed when printing, it runs clean, cool and energy efficiently with low-heat UV-LED lamps and self-wicking ink features. It offers many new machine advantages to lessen downtime and streamline your print process.

Head Refresher

Remove the ink remaining on your printheads with a machine feature that keeps the printhead surface clean to maintain machine health and ink cost-efficiency.

Easy-Positioning Fixtures

Simplify the set-up and alignment of items with corner brackets that easily affix to the print bed.

Nozzle Mask Function

Minimize printer downtime if a nozzle on a printhead becomes clogged and misfires by turning off a specific nozzle band to enable continued production.

New Machine Panel Options

A newly configured machine menu includes media height display, custom setting the origin point, and custom preset naming to increase job set-up and operation efficiency.

Start Timer Function

Automatically complete the setup operation of printhead cleaning and White ink circulation, so you can begin printing immediately after loading items an auto wake-up feature acts like an alarm clock, alerting your LEF2-300 to start cycling procedures.

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