Saati Grafic Hu + Diazo 1 (Color Blue)


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Grafic HU

GRAFIC is SaatiChem’s range of high quality stencil emulsions formulated for general as well as specific graphics printing applications. This family encompasses not only the diazo-sensitized products but also a range of dual-cure and photopolymer products that will satisfy the most demanding expectations in terms of print definition, stencil resolution and durability.

  • Our most versatile emulsion.
  • Dual-cure direct emulsion for printing UV-cured, plastisol, solvent-based and water-based inks.
  • Controlled particle size for excellent print definition.
  • Excellent print definition on any mesh.
  • Upon drying, stencils lack the typical tackiness of dual-cure emulsion 39% solids content.


Ceramic decals and direct printing of ceramic tiles for third firing.


  • Dual-cure emulsion resistant to UV-cured, solvent based and water-based inks.
  • High solids content and medium viscosity for producing low Rz stencils with excellent print definition on any mesh.
  • Fast exposing with wide exposure latitude.
  • Easy to reclaim.


Handle under yellow safelight or low wattage tungsten lights. Avoid exposure to daylight, quartz/halogen lamps, cool white fluorescent lamps or discharge lamps.

Sensitizing & Mixing

Prepare diazo as per instructions on the bottle. Add the entire contents to the emulsion and mix thoroughly until a smooth consistency is obtained. Write the date of sensitizing on the label and then cover the sensitized emulsion and let stand for a few hours to enable air bubbles to escape. Store sensitized emulsion in cool conditions and use within one month for best results.

Drying & Storage

Thoroughly dry the coated screen at a maximum temperature of 104°F (40°C) in a dust free, dark or yellow light area, with the substrate side facing down to optimize stencil quality. Coated screens should be stored in a dust free, dry, safelight environment and used within one month for best results.


When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, SaatiChem products will maintain their original properties for one year from the date of production.

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