Saati IR26-1 Gallon


SAATI IR26-1 GALLON Universal Ink Remover: Your Versatile Solution for Ink Removal

Key Feature: A versatile ink remover that tackles solvent-based, UV-cured, and textile inks, ensuring your screens are always clean.

User Benefit: Say goodbye to ghost images with its emulsification properties and enjoy a low foam, low odor experience for both manual and automatic cleaning.

Specialty: Its high-efficiency formula reduces product consumption, and its universal performance eliminates the need for multiple ink removers. Plus, it can be reapplied to remove ghost images and mixed with ER6 for one-step ink and stencil removal. Simplify your screen preparation with SAATI IR26.

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Saati IR26-1 Gallon
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SAATI IR26-1 GALLON “SAATI IR26 Universal Ink Remover: Elevate Your Ink Removal Process

The SAATI IR26-1 GALLON Universal Ink Remover is a game-changing solution for simplifying your ink removal process. Specifically designed for versatility, it effectively cleans a wide spectrum of inks, including solvent-based, UV-cured, and textile inks, making it an indispensable tool for your printing needs.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Ink Removal: Whether you’re dealing with solvent-based, UV-cured, or textile inks, the SAATI IR26 handles them all with ease, ensuring your screens are spotless.

2. Emulsification for Easy Rinsing: Say goodbye to ghost images and tedious cleaning. This ink remover emulsifies for effortless water rinsing, guaranteeing a clean slate for your screens.

3. Low Foam, Low Odor: Enjoy a pleasant and odor-free workspace. The SAATI IR26 boasts low foam and minimal odor, making it suitable for both manual and automatic cleaning processes.

4. High Efficiency Formula: Save on product consumption without compromising on results. This high-efficiency formula ensures you get the most out of each application.

5. Universal Performance: Eliminate the need for multiple ink removers. The SAATI IR26’s universal performance streamlines your workflow, reducing complexity and cost.

6. Ghost Image Removal: Not only does it clean ink efficiently, but it can also be reapplied after stencil removal to remove ghost images, ensuring your screens stay pristine.

7. Compatibility with ER6: For added convenience, this ink remover can be mixed with ER6, serving as a one-step ink and stencil remover, simplifying your screen preparation process.

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