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Saati LTS 6080


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SAATI has decades of experience in the manufacture and distribution of precision woven meshes, emulsion and chemicals. Knowledge that we have gained from our customers has been compiled, analyzed and applied to produce a full range of screen making equipment, and yet the jewel of this collection is undoubtedly the LTS Series.

The SAATI LTS range takes into account the contemporary needs of stencil makers with an eye towards future challenges that will demand more efficient and precise results. SAATI LTS machines are Direct Laser CtS Image & Exposure units. They surpass the results of other CtS systems, and simultaneously provide enhancements to time and money spent producing stencils, as well as reducing your ecological footprint.

Direct Lasers

Precision Choices – Five DPI options let you choose the highest resolution or the shortest cycle

Long Life – Lasers have an operational life of 10,000 hours at 100% strength

Simplified – Save time by eliminating film pinhole checks and registration. Image & Expose in one quick process

Flexibility – Compatible with all emulsion and film types

Power Settings – Quickly and thoroughly cure even very high EOM dual-cure emulsions

Digital Workflow

Faster Processing – Prepare art files, and create stencils immediately – No film creation or checks

Digital Registration – Eliminate difficulties by locking the frame into place and setting the laser start position digitally

Digital Archive – Keep an archive of art files, save registration settings and duplicate programs to improve your workflow

No Consumables

Precision Imaging – CtS Inkjet liquid drops spread before drying – direct laser imaging has higher fidelity.

Save Money – Stop paying for media to image your screens

Spring Cleaning – Save space – eliminate storage for film and/ or masking media

Environmental Impact – No masking material goes down the drain – or stop relying on plastic film


  • Facedown glass panel with enclosing lid Maximum Single Frame Size: 85 x 110 cm | 33.5 x 43.3”
  • Solid metal construction provides a vibration free stencil making platform
  • Safe Viewing Window for observing exposure program progress
  • Adaptable to various types of screen registration systems Maximum Single Image Size: 60 x 80 cm | 23.6 x 31.5”
  • Solid casters and slim build allow easy movement through standard doorways for unit placement
  • Array of 96 Blu-Ray Lasers on a linear belt driven head, the system is durable and requires minimal maintenance
  • The targeted light wavelength of the lasers maximizes curing speed and minimizes both power consumption and heat generation
  • LED Lasers last 10,000 hours with 100% efficiency

Resolution Settings

The SAATI LTS has five resolution settings, each tailored to different types of image requirements

Saati LTS 6080 SAATI®

Improvements to Workflow

Saati LTS 6080 SAATI®

User Friendly Layout System

  • Set size & location of image(s) and define exposure area
  • Place multiple stencil images across 1 or more screens with touchscreen or mouse
  • Finalized layouts go to queue for easy work management

Exposure System

  • Set the laser power and scan speed to effectively and thoroughly cure all emulsion and film types in under 3:00
  • Customize settings and/or create standard templates for future use
  • Proprietary file naming system automatically loads Netframe, Image Pattern & Exposure settings (not required)

Create Your Own Archive

  • Processed files settings are saved
  • After screen imaging, layouts go to designated folder for archiving or deletion
  • Create your own file archive for easy retrieval through the search function

Sophisticated Image Correction

  • Adjust image size, skew & fit for more accurate printed results
  • Ensure perfect registration on with individual micron adjustments on X,Y grid
  • Prep art for substrate deformation in printed electronics, or emulate deformations present in your inkjet film and other legacy technologies

Areas of Application

  • Digital transfers – screen printed white & adhesive on color transfer
  • Print finishing – UV Clear on offset printed graphics
  • Industrial labels or FIM & IMD to facilitate die cut registration

LineRefine – Fine Line/ Font Emphasis

  • Fine detail printing can be enhanced with LTS output without compromise of stencil exposure & curing that might shorten print life or adversely affect easy reclaiming etc.
  • Slightly increase or decrease specific details in your art on the fly to save time

Asymmetric Resolution

  • Set the lowest resolution setting in the X dimension and the highest in the Y
  • The high processing speed of the lowest resolution setting is maintained
  • The Y dimension detail will be the highest
  • The resulting stencil is a hybrid product that has much higher quality achieved in the shortest possible processing interval

Technical Data Sheet

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Weight 1316 lbs
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