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Saati PC Blue Textile Emulsion (Blue Color)


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Product Description

GALLON – A durable and fast photopolymer pre-sensitized emulsion. Blue in color. Requires no mixing! Exposes approximately 8 times faster than standard diazo emulsions. Perfectly resistant to plastisol inks. Resistant to water based and discharge inks when post exposed. Very easy to reclaim. Available in gallon containers.

Applications: Garment printing with plastisol ink.

Characteristics:‹ Blue one part pure photopolymer emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion and humidity.‹ Exposes 8X faster than typical two part emulsions features/benefits.‹ 50% solids content and medium viscosity for fast build up and good bridging on wide range of mesh counts.‹ No mixing required and no diazo staining of mesh ‹ Water resistant when post exposed and can be used to print water based inks and adhesives.

Directions for Use: Handle under yellow safe light or low wattage tungsten lights. Avoid exposure to daylight, quartz/halogen lamps, cool white fluorescent lamps or discharge lamps. sensitizing and mixing Emulsion is pre sensitized during production and does not require mixing.

Coating: Using a high quality scoop coater or coating through, apply one or two coats to the substrate side of the screen, followed by one or two coats on the squeegee side.

Drying & Storage: Thoroughly dry the coated screen at a maximum temperature of 104°F (40°C) in a dust free, dark or yellow light area, with the substrate side facing down to optimize stencil quality. Coated screens should be stored in a dust free, dry, safe light environment.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in