Side Clamps 12″ W-22″ Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color)


The Side Clamps 12″ W-22″ Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color) for the Vastex V-1000 screen printing press are essential upgrades for enhancing print stability and accuracy. Requiring an HD Head for compatibility, these clamps offer a wide clamping area to reduce screen movement and ensure precise prints. Ideal for 1-4-8 color setups, their durable construction and ease of use make them a key addition for high-quality screen printing tasks. Elevate your Vastex V-1000 press with these side clamps to achieve superior printing results on every project.

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Side Clamps 12" W-22" Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color)
Side Clamps 12" W-22" Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color) $239.99

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The Side Clamps 12″ W-22″ Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color), are specifically engineered for use with the Vastex V-1000 manual screen printing presses, suitable for 1, 4, and 8 color setups. These clamps are a critical addition for printers seeking to enhance the precision and stability of their screen printing processes. However, it’s important to note that these clamps necessitate an HD (Heavy Duty) Head to be installed on the V-1000 press to accommodate their design and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Wide Clamping Surface: The 12″ width of the clamps, combined with the 22″ wide bar, provides a substantial clamping surface. This wide area ensures screens are firmly secured, reducing movement during the printing process and contributing to more consistent and precise prints.
  • HD Head Requirement: These side clamps require the V-1000 press to be equipped with an HD Head, which is designed to handle the additional leverage and pressure exerted by the wider clamps, ensuring stable and reliable operation.
  • Enhanced Print Quality: By securing the screen more firmly and reducing the likelihood of screen movement, these clamps help in achieving sharper print details, especially in high-precision or multi-color print jobs.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed to meet Vastex’s high standards, these clamps are built from materials that can withstand the rigors of continuous use, ensuring durability and a long service life.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user convenience in mind, these clamps allow for quick and easy adjustment and alignment of screens, facilitating a more efficient setup and changeover between print jobs.

Benefits for Screen Printing Operations:

Incorporating the Side Clamps 12″ W-22″ Wide Bar Requires HD Head For V-1000 (1-4-8 Color) into your Vastex V-1000 press setup can significantly enhance the overall printing experience and output quality. These clamps offer:

  • Increased Stability: By providing a broader clamping area, these clamps enhance the stability of screens during printing, which is crucial for maintaining registration in multi-color prints.
  • Improved Precision: The secure hold minimizes screen movement, leading to more precise ink placement and sharper print details, even on complex designs.
  • Adaptability: The requirement for an HD Head means that your press will be equipped to handle a wider range of printing tasks with increased reliability and performance.
  • Long-Term Reliability: The durable construction of the clamps ensures they will be a long-lasting addition to your printing setup, providing consistent performance over time.

By upgrading to these specialized side clamps, screen printers using the Vastex V-1000 series can expect to see notable improvements in print quality and operational efficiency, especially in demanding or high-detail printing projects.

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