Side Heater Upgrade Kit


The Vastex Side Heater Upgrade Kit is ideal for screen printing businesses looking to enhance their existing Vastex drying equipment. Whether you’re expanding your services to include more complex prints, increasing your production volume, or simply striving for higher quality and consistency in your products, this upgrade kit provides a valuable enhancement to your curing process.

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Side Heater Upgrade Kit
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The Vastex Side Heater Upgrade Kit is designed to enhance the capabilities of Vastex screen printing dryers, specifically aimed at improving the efficiency and consistency of the curing process. This upgrade kit is an excellent addition for screen printers looking to expand their operations or improve the quality of their prints.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Curing: The side heaters provide additional heat sources, ensuring more uniform curing of inks, especially useful for high-density inks or prints with heavy ink deposits.
  • Increased Productivity: By improving the efficiency of the curing process, the side heater upgrade can help increase throughput, allowing for faster production times and higher volumes of finished garments.
  • Versatility: This upgrade is designed to be compatible with various Vastex dryer models, making it a flexible option for businesses that already rely on Vastex equipment.
  • Easy Installation: The kit is designed for straightforward installation, allowing screen printing shops to upgrade their existing equipment without significant downtime or technical challenges.
  • Energy Efficiency: The side heaters are designed to target curing energy more precisely, which can help reduce overall energy consumption by minimizing the need for higher temperatures or longer curing times.

Benefits for Screen Printing Operations:

Integrating the Vastex Side Heater Upgrade Kit into your screen printing setup can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of your printing operation. The additional heat sources provide more consistent curing across the entire print, reducing the risk of under-cured inks which can affect the durability and wearability of the final product. With improved curing capabilities, screen printers can achieve higher production rates, meet tighter deadlines, and expand their service offerings to include prints that require more precise curing control.

In summary, the Vastex Side Heater Upgrade Kit is a strategic investment for screen printers aiming to optimize their drying and curing processes. It offers a practical solution for improving print quality, enhancing production efficiency, and reducing energy costs, making it an essential upgrade for competitive and forward-thinking screen printing operations.

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