Super Puff Plastisol Ink Additive


Create Dynamic, Textured Prints with SUPER PUFF ADDITIVE

  • Key Benefits: Highly concentrated for effective use, customizable for varying puff effects, and more potent than regular additives.
  • Usage Ratio: Mix with plastisol ink at a 10% – 20% ratio by weight for desired effect.
  • Concentration Level: Contains 49% concentration, offering superior puff quality.
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SUPER PUFF ADDITIVE: Elevate Your Plastisol Prints

  • Highly Concentrated Formula: With a 49% concentration, this Super Puff Additive is designed for superior efficiency, enabling you to achieve an impressive puff effect with less additive.
  • Customizable Puff Effect: The additive can be mixed with plastisol ink in a ratio of 10% to 20% by weight, depending on the desired level of puffiness in your print.
  • Enhanced Compared to Regular Additives: This Super Puff Additive is more concentrated than standard puff additives, providing a stronger effect with a smaller quantity.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for printers looking to add a unique, raised dimension to their prints on various types of garments and textiles.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to mix and compatible with a wide range of plastisol inks, this additive is suitable for both novice and experienced printers.

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