Super-Turbo IR Textile Dryer – High-Efficiency Drying Solution


Elevate Efficiency with the SUPER-TURBO IR Textile Dryer

  • Key Features: High-capacity drying solution for plastisol and water-based inks, featuring advanced preheat chambers, energy-saving design, and consistent curing.
  • Safety and Adaptability: Automated safety features and modular construction for a safe, customizable, and efficient drying process.
  • Ideal for High-Demand Environments: A perfect upgrade for high-volume textile production, ensuring energy efficiency and reliability.

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SUPER-TURBO IR Textile Dryer: Revolutionize Your Textile Production with High-Efficiency Drying

  • High-Performance Drying: Designed to handle high-volume production, the SUPER-TURBO IR Textile Dryer efficiently cures plastisol and water-based inks. Its exceptional capacity can cure-dry up to 110 dozen pieces per hour, making it a game-changer for demanding production environments.
  • Advanced Preheat Chamber: Equipped with an adjustable quartz tube preheat zone, this dryer quickly reaches optimal ink curing temperatures, enhancing productivity.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Features an air-fired preheat system and re-circulating hoods, saving up to 90% of airflow and significantly reducing energy costs.
  • Consistent Curing Results: The double-insulated chambers maintain steady air temperatures, ensuring energy-efficient operation and minimizing heat loss for consistent curing.
  • Safety Mechanisms: Includes independent temperature controls and an automated safety shutdown feature to prevent overheating, ensuring safe operation in your production line.
  • Modular Design: Tailor the dryer to your specific needs with ease, thanks to its modular construction that allows for the addition of extra heating or conveyor sections.
  • Reliable and Efficient: The SUPER-TURBO IR Textile Dryer is more than just a drying solution; it’s an essential upgrade for your textile production, offering unparalleled efficiency, energy savings, and consistent results.

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