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V-2000HD – 4 Station – 6 Color


The Vastex V-2000HD Series 4 station, 6 color manual screen printing press is a top-tier solution for professional screen printers, offering heavy-duty construction, advanced capabilities, and an unmatched 25-year warranty. This press is designed for increased efficiency, precision, and productivity with features like 100% wrench-free adjustments, fast setup and micro-registration, and flexible configurations. Its robust build includes steel-tube legs, never-warp steel pallets, and ball-bearing gliding components. Fully expandable, it allows for growth from a basic setup to a 10 station, 10 color configuration, making it a versatile and future-proof investment for any screen printing business seeking to enhance their operational capabilities and output quality.

V-2000HD - 4 Station - 6 Color
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The Vastex V-2000HD Series, in its 4 station, 6 color configuration, stands as a testament to Vastex’s commitment to innovation and quality in the realm of manual screen printing presses. Designed for the discerning screen printing professional, this series combines heavy-duty construction with advanced features to streamline setup, enhance registration accuracy, and boost overall productivity.

Robust Construction for Longevity:

  • Built with industrial-strength materials, including steel-tube legs, 3-inch square steel rotor arms, and heavy-gauge steel rotor assemblies, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Features never-warp steel pallets with rubber tops and a new corner clamp pallet arm design for unparalleled reliability over years of use.
  • All critical components, such as registration wheel locks, operate smoothly on ball bearings, reducing wear and enhancing the machine’s lifespan.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance:

  • The heavy-duty print head is engineered for the industry’s fastest setup and micro-registration, enabling precise adjustments with minimal effort.
  • The press accommodates clamp-on DiGiT™ athletic numbering jigs and side-clamp accessories, allowing for versatile printing applications.
  • Offers 100% wrench-free adjustments for independent head leveling, off-contact adjustment, and micro-registration, facilitating a tool-free setup process.

Designed for Precision and Flexibility:

  • Embedded registration bearings ensure accurate multicolor printing registration, remaining clear of spray tack for consistent results.
  • Equipped with gas lifters featuring 16 positions of variable lift strength, the press accommodates screens of different weights with ease.
  • The 12-inch wide steel rear screen clamps and a precision-ground center shaft enable off-center clamping, adding to the press’s versatility.

User-Friendly and Expandable:

  • Elevated pallets eliminate the need for stretching shirts over the arm, making garment loading and unloading more efficient and compatible with quick-stretch jacket attachments.
  • Zero backlash bearings on the screen arm pivot and adjustable micro clamp levers enhance user experience and operational precision.
  • Fully expandable, the V-2000HD Series can grow with your business, offering the possibility to upgrade from a 1 station 1 color tabletop configuration to a 10 station 10 color rotary floor press.

Backed by an unparalleled 25-year warranty, the Vastex V-2000HD Series 4 station, 6 color press is more than just a screen printing machine; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the high standards of professional screen printers. With its combination of heavy-duty construction, advanced features, and expandability, the V-2000HD Series is poised to elevate screen printing operations to new heights of efficiency and productivity.

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