Water Base Spray Ink Screen Opener 19Oz


Revitalize Your Screens with WATER BASE SPRAY INK SCREEN OPENER 19OZ

  • Key Features: Specially formulated for water-based inks, fast-acting, and leaves no residue.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Ideal for unclogging screens and cleaning printing presses.
  • Efficient and Reliable: A must-have for maintaining screen clarity and extending the life of your screen printing equipment.

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WATER BASE SPRAY INK SCREEN OPENER 19OZ: Optimal Solution for Maintaining Screen Clarity

  • Effective on Water-Based Inks: AlbaChem WATER-BASED SCREEN OPENER is specially formulated to work swiftly and efficiently on all water-based inks, making it an essential tool for screen printing professionals.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: This fast-acting screen opener quickly unclogs screens of dried-in water-based inks, reducing downtime and increasing productivity in your printing process.
  • Residue-Free Cleaning: The foaming cleaner is designed to leave no film or oily residue, ensuring that your screens remain clear and unblemished after use.
  • Versatile Cleaning Applications: Beyond screen opening, this product can also be used for cleaning ink and dirt from printing presses, making it a versatile addition to your printing supplies.
  • Safe and Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a 19 oz. (539 grams) can, AlbaChem 1632 is easy to handle and apply, providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for your screen printing needs.

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