AlbaChem® Premium Mist Spray Adhesive 1787


Secure Your Projects with PREMIUM MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1787

  • Key Features: Offers super strong tack, high-temperature stability, and efficient application.
  • Screen Printing Excellence: Specially formulated for screen printing applications with a mist spray pattern for even distribution.
  • Reliable and Fabric-Safe: Provides a fast, water-resistant tack without wrinkling fabrics, ideal for a range of materials.

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PREMIUM MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1787: Enhanced Adhesion for Screen Printing

  • Super Strong Tack: AlbaChem PREMIUM MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1787: is engineered to provide a super strong bond, ensuring secure and lasting adhesion for a variety of applications.
  • High-Temperature Stability: Specifically designed to remain stable at high temperatures, making it suitable for environments where heat is a factor.
  • Efficient Application: This adhesive applies more adhesive solids, allowing for a strong bond with less product used, making it both effective and economical.
  • Ideal for Screen Printing: PREMIUM MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1787 formulation and mist spray pattern make it perfect for screen printing applications, ensuring a reliable tack for screen positioning and stability.
  • Water-Resistant and Fast Tack: The adhesive is water-resistant and presents a fast tack, ideal for quick and efficient applications without compromising on bond strength.
  • Safe for Fabrics: The PREMIUM MIST SPRAY ADHESIVE 1787 will not wrinkle most porous surfaces or fabrics, ensuring the integrity of the material is maintained during use.

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