Ink Spreader 3 In X 4 In


Maximize Printing Efficiency with INK SPREADER 3 IN X 4 IN

  • Key Features: Ideal for ink handling and screen cleaning, durable polyethylene construction, tapered edge for ease of use.
  • Practical and Cost-Effective: Designed for both efficiency and affordability in printing processes.
  • Versatile Size: 3 IN X 4 IN dimensions cater to diverse printing needs, ensuring adaptability and convenience.

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INK SPREADER 3 IN X 4 IN: Essential Tool for Efficient Ink Management

  • Optimized for Ink Handling: These ink spreaders are expertly designed for efficient ink retrieval from buckets and thorough cleaning of ink from screens, enhancing your printing process.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from all-polyethylene, these spreaders are highly resistant to the effects of UV inks, coatings, adhesives, and cleanup solvents, ensuring long-lasting utility.
  • Versatile Screen Management: Ideal for controlling ink on the screen, these spreaders contribute to a smoother, more consistent print quality.
  • Tapered Edge Design: Each spreader features a tapered edge, allowing for easy and effective cleaning of screens and tools.
  • Cost-Effective: The INK SPREADER 3 IN X 4 IN affordability not only offers cost savings but also supports convenient disposal, making them a practical choice for any printing operation.
  • Size Advantage: The 3″X4″ size is perfect for a range of applications, providing ample surface area for ink spreading and cleaning tasks.

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