Super Bucket Scoop


Super Bucket Scoop: Enhancing Efficiency in Material Handling

Key Feature: Specially designed for 2-gallon and larger containers, featuring Monkey-Thumbs™ for easy and clean attachment to buckets. User Benefit: Provides a seamless material transfer experience, boosting productivity and ensuring a clean working environment. Specialty: Constructed with durable, non-corrosive aluminum, suitable for handling various materials resistant to solvents.

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Super Bucket Scoop
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Super Bucket Scoop: Optimal Solution for Medium to Large Container Handling

Introducing the Super Bucket Scoop, ingeniously crafted for 2-gallon and larger containers. This tool is an indispensable asset for those who require an efficient, clean solution for transferring materials such as inks, paints, or other substances from medium to large-sized containers.


  • Blade Size: 4 ½ inches wide by 4 ¼ inches long, tailored for handling significant quantities.
  • Total Length: 12 ¾ inches, ensuring comfortable and effective use.


  • Robust Aluminum Design: Ensures strength and long-lasting durability.
  • Resistant to Rust: Ideal for use in various environmental conditions.
  • Solvent Proof: Capable of withstanding exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Monkey-Thumbs™ Feature: A patented design enabling the scoop to hang neatly on the edge of buckets, maintaining cleanliness.
  • Ergonomic Design: Specifically crafted to prevent hand contact with materials, promoting a clean and efficient workflow.

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