OmniDTF Plus Printer


The Pinnacle of Digital Transfer Printing Technology

  • OmniDTF Plus Direct Rip – The best print  and color management
  • Multi Zone Film preheating and post heating controls
  • Proprietary intelligent feeding and  tension system
  • 4 Epson i3200 High Resolution Print Heads
  • Industrial Print Production Speed & Industrial Bulk Ink System
  • 36 inch wide print area
  • White ink Circulation
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omniDTF Plus
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Introducing the OmniDTF Plus, the next generation in high-production Direct to Film (DTF) printing technology, brought to you by OmniPrint International. This state-of-the-art printer is designed to redefine the standards of digital transfer printing, offering unparalleled speed, precision, and reliability.

The OmniDTF Plus stands out with its continuous, reliable production capabilities, made possible by its 36-inch wide print area and four advanced Epson i3200 high-resolution print heads. These features ensure that you can produce more prints per hour, pushing the boundaries of productivity in your business.

Key features include:

  • OmniPrint Direct Rip for superior print and color management, ensuring vivid and accurate colors every time.
  • Multi-zone film preheating and post-heating controls for optimal print quality and durability.
  • A proprietary intelligent feeding and tension system that guarantees smooth and consistent media handling.
  • An industrial bulk ink system paired with white ink circulation, reducing maintenance and ensuring consistent print quality.
  • Designed as an industrial DTF printer solution from the ground up, ensuring continuous reliable production even in the most demanding environments.

Experience the pinnacle of digital transfer printing technology with the OmniDTF Plus, your partner in high-production DTF printing.

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